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• The article discusses the impact of climate change on various parts of the world, focusing on Europe and Asia.
• It states that rising temperatures in Europe have caused droughts, heat waves and wildfires, while in Asia melting glaciers have led to flooding.
• It also mentions that global warming is having a severe effect on marine ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as human health.

Impact of Climate Change

Climate change is an issue that affects all parts of the world with different impacts. This article will focus on the effects it has had in Europe and Asia.


In Europe, rising temperatures have brought about droughts, heat waves and wildfires across much of the continent. These conditions are set to worsen due to further increases in temperature as a result of climate change.


In Asia, melting glaciers are leading to increased flooding which can cause destruction to property and lives alike. This exacerbates existing problems such as poverty and disease caused by lack of access to clean water.

Marine Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Global warming is also having a severe effect on marine ecosystems and biodiversity due to increasing ocean temperatures and acidification levels. This poses a threat not only to animals but humans too who rely on fish for sustenance or work in fisheries-related industries for their livelihoods.

Human Health

The impacts from climate change don’t just stop at extreme weather events; human health is also being adversely affected due to air pollution from burning fossil fuels as well as crop failures leading malnutrition or starvation in some areas. With extreme weather events becoming more frequent it can be difficult for people living in vulnerable regions to cope with these conditions for long periods of time without assistance from external sources .


To conclude, climate change has had a wide ranging impact across both Europe and Asia which threatens both animal life and human life alike through extreme weather events, air pollution or food shortages – making it one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.