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• The article discussed the history of The Great Migration, when millions of African Americans moved from the rural south to cities in the north and west.
• It further explored how this movement affected black communities, as well as how it changed American society and culture.
• Finally, it considered the long-term implications of The Great Migration and its impact on present-day America.

The Great Migration

The Great Migration was an incredibly important period in American history. It was a time when millions of African Americans left their homes in the rural South to seek better opportunities in Northern and Western cities. This massive population shift had far-reaching consequences for both African Americans and American society at large.

Impact on Black Communities

The migration resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of African Americans living in northern cities. This influx of people created new black communities, often referred to as “Black Metropolises” due to their large size, diversity, and economic activity. Additionally, The Great Migration sparked a cultural renaissance as African American artists flocked to cities like New York and Chicago where they could explore their creativity without fear or prejudice.

Changing Society & Culture

The movement also had a significant impact on United States society and culture more broadly. By relocating en masse, African Americans made their presence felt throughout the country—particularly within politics—and helped pave the way for civil rights legislation such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Furthermore, many aspects of popular culture were influenced by this period including music (jazz, blues), literature (Harlem Renaissance) and art (African American visual expressionism).

Long-Term Legacies

Although The Great Migration ended over 50 years ago its legacies still remain today. For example, many northern cities are still majority black due to population shifts caused by this period which has led to persistent issues such as poverty and educational inequality that continue to disproportionately affect minority populations today. Additionally, many aspects of US culture are still shaped by those who participated in The Great Migration including music styles such as hip hop which originated during this era.


In conclusion, it is clear that The Great Migration was an incredibly important event in US history with far reaching implications that can still be seen today—from changes within black communities to alterations within US society & culture at large; from long-term legacies such as poverty & educational inequality to popular culture influences like hip hop music . It is only through understanding these effects that we can adequately appreciate this crucial moment in US history